Nikonos V borchure I picked up a Nikonos V dive camera--the last and greatest of the film-based underwater Nikons, on eBay last week. They're a bargain since no serious diver would shoot film today. This camera is a triumph of utilitarian engineering. It's sealed to withstand 85 psi of water pressure (apparently using 12 O-rings). The shutter makes a delightful muted clunk that you can feel through the thick aluminum housing.

I don’t dive, but I’ve wanted a waterproof camera for years. I’ve never shaken my Midwestern determination to be outdoors during rainstorms. Now that the kids are learning to swim, I have a perfect excuse to try more in- and on-water photography.

The seller kindly included this original brochure from the eighties. Will owning this camera finally put hair on my chest?