Let’s get this party started.

↑Mazda becomes the first automaker to stop ignoring decades of cockpit UX research and purge cars of dangerous touchscreens. Someone had to take the lead.
↓A talented software developer spends a year trying to secure congressional campaigns against hackers and discovers that it’s somewhat hopeless.
↑Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke was outed as a 31337 h4xx0r. This is great. Why aren’t there more engineering-minded folks in politics?
↑Seattle becomes the first American city to have electric garbage trucks. Why it took this long, I don’t comprehend. Not only are regular garbage trucks loud and obnoxious, but their needs are perfectly aligned with the advantages of hybrid or all-electric designs.
↓Uber launched airport-to-city helicopter service in Manahattan, and it’s only for the rich. Has anyone noticed that great world cities have solved this transportation problem by building infrastructure (trains) for everyone’s benefit?
−The Economist says that [first-class air travel is declining](https://www.economist.com/international/2019/03/09/first-class-air- travel-is-in-decline). Big shocker, considering how much “fun” airports have become. We could just fix it for everyone, but instead we’ll encourage the wealthiest to flee and build a better, parallel version of the travel experience just for themselves.
↑Sweden is bringing back overnight trains as a climate-friendly alternative for long-haul travel. I would choose this 100% of the time over flying if it were available to me.
↓A Long Island teacher was fired over the existence of a nude selfie. I still remember the first time I saw one of my undergrad TAs drinking in a bar–which made me confront, for the first time, the possibility that my teachers were also people, with a real social lives and everything. Everyone takes their own path to get here I guess.
−A 14-year-old quit social media after discovering, all at once, that her parents had been posting about her for most of her life without her knowledge. One of many reasons to keep your kids offline.
−According to the IEEE Spectrum, transoceanic cables are now used more for datacenter-to-datacenter communication than any thing else. Remember when international calls were expensive?