I just got back from camping on Sarah Island in Hingham Harbor with the Cruftlabs crew. We took a couple of Zodiacs from the shore. I love sleeping outside in the winter, especially with the sound of the water and the distant view of the Boston skyline. Moonlight paddling is also incomparable. I should get extra credit this year for being safe and wearing a drysuit.

The primary type of rock on the island, which I described as “looking an awful lot like spilled concrete,” turns out to be the official rock of Massachusetts. (Not to be confused with the official Rock of Boston.)

So it turns out that a lot of landlubbers are preparing for the big game today. In case any of you think that attendance cuts across all social strata: the average visitor to the Super Bowl in 2007 had a household income of $222,318 a year and spent $669 a person a day while in town. ( The New York Times , “Big Game Is No Place for the Average Fan”)