If you are an engineer and you’re really bad at what you do, read on! Choose your industry and I will predict your fortune:

Home routers and cable modems

You have a fascination with blindingly bright, narrow viewing-angle blue LEDs flashing incessantly in dark rooms.

Automated teller machines

You like needlessly loud fan noise, antiquated displays with bad viewing angles, parallax error between buttons and UI elements, obsolete operating systems, and input lag while performing simple tasks.

Printing (err… 2D printing)

You enjoy unpredictability. While your colleagues made precise, error-free image deposition possible, you worked tirelessly to ensure that only sometimes can the printer be detected on the network. To make sure the driver is cumbersome to install. To obfuscate the front-panel UI. And to guarantee that the printer drops off the wireless network periodically. You like to keep the users guessing.

Home security systems

The 1980s called. They want their beige plastic and 2-line alphanumeric LCDs back.

Heat-sealed clamshell packaging

You are a bad person.