French parking sign Why, hello there! Is this thing on? Ah yes. So, some of you may have noticed that the Scottosphere has been quiet lately. Let me assure you it is only because the real world has been all too interesting! In the last month, I have:

  • …visited DC for a weekend.
  • …moved out of my pad. (Please write if you don’t have my new address.)
  • …been tricked into attending a surprise birthday party of epic proportions.
  • …vacationed in Paris and Strasbourg for a week.

And there is more coming up this month. Where do I begin to write?

First, I would like to post some pictures. And that is a subject on which I am presently seeking advice. I have outgrown my old system of online galleries. Time to move everything over to something that works better. I have considered Picasa and Flickr, but they offer little control over presentation. Also, the Picasa application is annoying. Pbase? Pixelpost? What do people use these days? Please don’t say “Facebook.”