wisdom watch: college admissions edition

positive MIT releases college admissions results on Pi Day.
neutral Today’s applicants expect instant online notification of their status. Remember waiting to see whether it was a big envelope or a little envelope?
negative The Internet.
  • Terran

    Terran () [Reply]

    The envelope size heuristic was already dead in 1995.  MIT sent me a regular letter to say I was admitted, and that additional information would follow a week or two alter.

  • KERaven, MD

    Had a similar experience as Terran in ’96.  At least early admissions acceptances were just a single piece of paper.  THE worst part is that it had arrived with the “Congratulations” on the first line visible in the address window, but my mom tapped it down so it wasn’t visible before I got it.  She had known right away, waited for me to come home from school, and then I had to agonize opening it.

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