↑New Balance sponsors increased snow-removal efforts along the Charles River running paths. The results look very good! For this gesture they deserve to have their logo emblazoned on the plow.
−The Garmin FR60 watch: the speed and heart-rate information are nice (and finally calibrated), but now the lap button doesn’t work in sub-freezing temperatures?
↑Salomon Gore-Tex trail-running shoes : superior traction on snow and ice and a waterproof toe box make winter running noticeably more pleasant.
↑Time ATAC clipless MTB pedals : the first clipless pedal system I have tried that does not jam with snow. Since my snow boots do not reliably fit into my usual toe clips, I am using these (along with my trusty Lake winter cycling shoes) on the fixie for the rest of the season.
↑Ice cream : Still tasty, and the best part is, it doesn’t melt.