We have some catching-up to do, don’t we?

July 12: My first ride on the new bike is like a dream. It’s fast, nimble, smooth, and incredibly light! Got my first compliment after just 5 minutes of riding. The temporary stripe of black spraypaint and jury-rigged rear brake are temporarily forgotten, but I can’t wait to get everything fixed up.

July 16: Stripped the bike back down and returned it to my framebuilder, who will repair the mis-placed brake bridge and re-paint while I’m on vacation.

July 21: My framebuilder decides that lowering the brake bridge will be too difficult. Instead, he will buy me a new pair of longer-reach brakes. This is frustrating because I already spent $200 on brakes that match the dark gray color scheme of the other components. The new ones will be heavier and are only available in silver. Fine, I give up!

July 27: Back from vacation. Bike is at the paint shop awaiting paint.

August 3: Awaiting paint.

August 10: Awaiting paint. Apparently the painter is backlogged with commitments to a vintage motorcycle show.

August 13: Bike is not ready for my company’s all-hands bike ride. Instead I ride a tandem with my boss (which is actually pretty fun as kicking everyone else’s ass becomes a collaborative effort).

August 20: Frame delivered! The painter must have gotten word of my impatience, as he took one last opportunity to tease me:

Do not open till x-mas.

Continued in part 8…