It seems we’ve come a long way since the embarassing typographical blunders of the Bush (43) administration. Senator Obama’s signs are tastefully rendered in classic Perpetua and modern Gotham (the GQ Magazine font). Senator McCain’s signs are cleanly set in Optima, a titling font popular in the 1970s and famous for its use on the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial. Both campaigns should be commended for their attention to design. But the other day I got to thinking: why such a bland color palette? I understand the significance of red, white, and blue, but must they (in their most basic shades) be the only suitably patriotic choices for campaign art?

On the Web I found a nice compilation of presidential campaign logos from 1960 to present. As you can see, the only candidate to ever depart from the flag triad and win is Jimmy Carter. But I suppose it is understandable that nobody wants to follow his lead.