Filmtagger is a fuss-free way to take JPEG files from film scanning and tag them with date, camera, and film information for import into Lightroom (or equivalent).


Install the package:

pip install filmtagger


To set the date of all images to 12 June 2019, specifying camera and film as well:

filmtagger -d "2019-06-12" -c "Leica M6" -f "E100G" *.jpg

Filmtagger supports fuzzy-matching against its database of cameras and films, so your input strings needn’t be exact. Likewise, it attempts to autodetect a variety of date/time input. In this example, the film would match the films.toml settings for “Kodak E100G”. The settings files define what tags get set; in this case:

["Kodak E100G"]
"Exif.Photo.ISOSpeedRatings" = 400
"Xmp.AnalogExif.FilmMaker" = "Kodak"
"Xmp.iptcExt.DigitalSourceType" = ""

By default, filmtagger also adds keyword tags (Xmp.dc.subject) for camera and film to make searching from Lightroom, etc. foolproof.

Source code

You can check out the source on GitHub: