Verizon enabled IPv6 on my Fios home Internet connection today, only 9 years after Comcast rolled out IPv6 on their network! Better late than never I guess. Here’s how to make it work with the OPNsense firewall.

Under Interfaces > WAN:

  • IPv4 Configuration Type: keep using DHCP
  • IPv6 Configuration Type: DHCPv6
  • Request only an IPv6 Prefix: ✓ (enabled)
  • Prefix delegation size: 56
  • Send IPv6 prefix hint: ✓ (enabled)

Under Interfaces > LAN:

  • IPv4 Configuration Type: keep using Static IPv4
  • IPv6 Configuration Type: Track Interface
  • IPv6 Interface: WAN (which interface to track)
  • IPv6 Prefix ID: 0

If you have other local networks, like a guest network VLAN, you can assign those interfaces a different prefix ID to keep them isolated.