Lola Fadulu reporting for the New York Times:

The Trump administration moved on Friday to roll back school nutrition standards championed by Michelle Obama, an effort long sought by food manufacturers and some school districts that have chafed at the cost of Mrs. Obama’s prescriptions for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Donald Trump has been pretty transparent that his policy objectives, as a whole, can be framed as “try to undo everything Obama achieved.”

Trump likes to portray himself as a builder. But the reality is that he is a destroyer. It’s far easier to destroy than to build. Building requires intelligence, persuasion, determination, and a vision. To destroy, one needs to simply swing wildly with a hatchet.

Everything Trump has achieved so far in his presidency has been destructive. He has created nothing. Both his actions and his words confirm that he has no vision for a better America–only a desperate need for applause fueled by latent partisan rancor.

This election, look for the builders.