Endlings Program Cover

At the American Repertory Theater
March 1–17, 2019 at the Loeb Drama Center
Cambridge, Mass.

About 10 minutes into the show, I realized that my mouth was hanging open. I’m not accustomed to being dazzled or surprised by the Boston theater scene–delighted, yes, and certainly entertained–but here I was, giddy for every startling new set change, lighting cue, and sound cue. Endlings, a play about elderly Korean free-divers on a remote island eking out a living from their obsolete profession and the way their lives are linked with the next generation, is unlike any play I’ve seen. The first act was a joyful and beautiful window into their lives; the second act a surreal, hilarious, and sometimes over-the-top departure into the existential questions of a young playwright living in New York. (It makes sense in the show, really.) The play is not without its flaws, but there’s nothing quite like it either. There’s also the small matter of the 4,800 gallons of water on stage. I would recommend it to everyone I know, but time is running out. See it while you can.