Free Idea

In my dream last night, I was confronted with a product so annoying that, upon waking, I couldn’t believe it doesn’t already exist.

It’s a Selfie Alarm Clock. You know, like a regular bedside alarm clock1, but instead of a snooze button, it has a “selfie” button. It works as you’d expect.

Go ahead: build it and get rich. You can thank me later.

  1. Remember alarm clocks that aren’t phones? 
  • Adrian

    Adrian () [Reply]

    Topical joke of the moment: build it and get rich…but don’t take it to school with you!

  • Scott

    Ha, true.

    I’ve been thinking about this news story. Remember the two big Boston “bomb scares” of 2007? The ones where they prosecuted the makers of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force signs and arrested Star Simpson at gunpoint for having LEDs on her sweatshirt? At that time, none of the establishment–not the mayor, the police, the DA, or the attorney general–were willing to admit that these arrests resulted from serious mistakes in policing. That they were wrong. In both cases, they had the audacity to move ahead and press charges even after it was clear there was no crime. Now, in 2015, the Internet has unanimously exonerated this kid, with everyone from business leaders to the president chiming in. What could possibly have changed?

  • chia

    chia () [Reply]

    I have a theme song for your product, Flawless by Beyonce (“I woke up like this” )

  • Adrian

    Adrian () [Reply]

    I think in Star’s case and probably in Aqua Teen Hunger Force there was this “she/ they should have known better” idea, whereas Ahmed is a kid. I mean, that’s probably not really enough of an explanation but it’s something…

  • James Robertson

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