Take Five

Dave BrubeckDave Brubeck died today. Not too many years ago, I saw him perform live with his quartet at Sanders Theatre. He was maybe in his mid-eighties at the time. I remember being struck by the contrast between the elderly man who shuffled onto stage and the fiery, energetic performer he became when seated at the keyboard. The crazy rhythms! And those amazing chords! I consider myself very lucky to have witnessed one of the legends of 1950s jazz in person.

(Also, this photo is one of the coolest portraits ever made.)

  • shazam

    I remember that concert! Thank you so much for organizing that outing; I feel glad to have had the experience also. It was wonderful. I recall exactly what you describe. Transformative.

  • errhode

    I remember that concert too and was thinking about it this morning when I heard the news. However, I’m pushing for people to remember him with Blue Rondo a la Turk instead of Take Five, since Paul Desmond (Brubeck’s saxophonist) actually wrote Take Five.

    Also, ditto Amrys on remembering what you remember. :)

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