Merchants say Massachusetts blue laws are outdated

As national retailers plan to kick off the holiday shopping season earlier than ever with hours on Thanksgiving Day, some Massachusetts merchants are starting to question whether the state‚Äôs Colonial-era blue laws, which prohibit Thanksgiving openings, are becoming outdated. Merchants say Massachusetts blue laws are outdated with national retailers opening on Thanksgiving,”

I think it’s great that we don’t enforce laws about dancing and selling liquor on Sundays. But for small businesses, it wouldn’t be fair to let pressure from big national chain stores lead to employees giving up their holidays. Let’s keep Thanksgiving a shopping-free day in Massachusetts.

  • shazam

    I agree! One of the wonderful things about being in Germany this spring was the fact that on Sundays the shops were closed. It lent a peacefulness to the city, and my advisor, who lived in Germany for a year, said it was his favorite aspect of life there: enforced family time. It makes one contented to think that all those who run and work in shops are having time off as well. We could learn a thing or two from that!

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