↓Tax Day Tea Party at Long Wharf (April 15). Stumbled upon this event by accident. Actual demonstrators were largely outnumbered by cameras and weirdos. One woman was holding a sign that read “Who is John Galt?”
↓[Pecha Kucha Boston 9](http://pechakuchaboston.org/blog/2009/04/08/pecha- kucha-boston-9/). Disrespectful audience + only one good presentation = disappointment.
−Swapfest at MIT (April 19). A sure sign of spring. But for once there was nothing I wanted to buy!
↑The 113th Boston Marathon (April 20). Watched for the first time. An inspiring display of athleticism. Gave me irrational thoughts about wanting to run one someday.
−Ratatat live at the House of Blues (April 20). Good music and trippy visuals, but the band’s electronic instruments are configured to pretty much play themselves. End result: just like the records, but louder.
↑Border Cafe. Always fills me up; never lets me down.
↑Unaffiliated Reading Series at Outpost 186. I never go to poetry readings, but this was a pretty fun Saturday afternoon diversion.
↑Mozart’s Requiem at Sanders Theatre (April 25). Erin Rhode may have carried the alto section, but the orchestra and soloists blew me away. Nice seats, too. (Thanks Rhode!)
↑Sailing on Boston Harbor. So much fun that I paid money so I can do it all summer.
↑Volvo Ocean Race. Watched the finish of the Rio-to-Boston leg of this insanely hardcore sport. The winning team survived the final few days without a reliable supply of drinking water. Another finisher sailed for a week with a broken rib. The boats are pretty too—check it out.
↑Summer weather. Keep it coming.
↓Swine flu. Imagine what it’s like when you have a cough, a sore throat, laryngitis, and possibly a slight fever, and suddenly they start talking about this in the newspaper?
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