On the way back from my evening run, as my thoughts slowly began to re-emerge from the grasp of a cold- and exercise-induced haze, I idly examined my mailbox. Before me was a UPS Next Day Air document envelope. Expecting nothing of the sort, I squinted through my fogged glasses to examine the sender’s address.

The envelope was from “PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURAL COMMITT” on Louisiana Ave NW, Washington DC.

Holy shit! Speechless! A dream come true! I couldn’t believe my luck.

So I examined the destination address. The intended recipient lives in the apartment directly below mine. As I put it back, I reminded myself that disappointment makes way for opportunity. Here in Boston, the inaugural festivities are slated to include ice skating and commemorative burgers at Bartley’s (three patties make it “historically large,” but despite being served with no toppings it will arrive “smothered in hype.”)