I used to take a certain measure of pride in keeping no archives of my old posts. There is something appealing about using the Web as a sounding board for thoughts that eventually fade away, but more frequently I find myself wishing I could refer back to old material.

Well, it was no small feat, but I’ve done it. Using a mishmash of homemade software I was able to recover every dated entry from the old hand-edited Web page going back to 2001. Follow the links at the bottom of this page to yearly summaries. You can browse entire months or view individual entries directly.

  • shazam

    I just wanted to say that I just spent at least a half an hour getting lost in your archives, reminiscing, reliving old times, catching posts I’d missed, re-viewing some of your wonderful photos, and laughing a hell of a lot.  Thanks for giving us access—it’s about damned time!  ;)

    The post about Mr. Chilly made me really sad and nostalgic and also so happy just to remember Mr. Chilly…  Oh, man!  xyzlocate johnston…


  • errhode

    This seems wrong somehow.

  • Ehren

    You might want to replace with scottosphere.  Also, your comment spam prevention is kind of weaksauce.

  • Scott

    Scott () [Reply]

    Glad you’re enjoying it! Testing the scripts to generate the archive has been kind of a trip down memory lane. (Funny you should mention the iButton. I found one on the floor the other day.) It does seem a little weird to be offering so many blog-like features…

    And Ehren: quit trying to h4xx0r my computer. My spam prevention is clearly working if it kept your first four comments from going through!

  • Ehren

    Ehren () [Reply]

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  What better way to welcome you to the blogosphere than by trying to sell you pharmaceuticals or let you know about investment opportunities.

    I see also that you deleted my 18 comments…so soon is your regime becoming one of censorship and oppression?

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