Is it really 2008? Geez.

People, there is a problem here in Boston. That involves ice cream. You see, whenever it gets cold outside, I get this unavoidable craving for a huge helping of ice cream. Always after dinner, usually around 10 PM. Now, for whatever reason, these are the same nights that all the local ice cream shops (which are open until “midnight”) decide to close early.

It happened again tonight, where I spent 15 minutes walking to J.P. Licks (over an hour before closing) only to see the lights dimmed and employees taking out the trash.

This practice needs to stop.

Some people think it’s weird to eat so much ice cream in the winter. I don’t understand their argument. Ice cream tastes best when it is cold, making winter a logical time to enjoy it. Also, this is the only time of the year when one can walk around holding ice cream without any worries about melting, making it rather convenient. On the coldest days, I can put a frappe (milkshake) in my backpack, bike somewhere, and enjoy it. Sublime.