Danger: Awesome!

Just got back from Danger!Awesome, where I got to burn some wedding paraphernalia with laser beams! It’s fantastic to live in a city with a walk-in laser-cutting shop. And the guys who run it (a few MIT alums, naturally) are pretty rad.

The particular machine I was using had previously been used to burn 2,000 pieces of toast for a stop-motion OK Go music video. My project is not nearly so ambitious (or edible).

  • Foonyor

    Curious to see what you were burninating for the wedding!

  • Rhode

    My expectations for your wedding just went up. (Kidding… mostly.)

  • Scott

    Don’t set your expectations too high. This is just a symptom of my predilection for choosing the most complicated, time-consuming solutions to otherwise simple problems.

  • Adrian

    I was wondering what that place did. I’ve seen it and loved their tag line “Warning: It’s the Future in Here”.

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