February 14, 2002

Will you be my valentine? I’m free between 5 and 6 PM tonight.

February 13, 2002

Can I stop being on my highest state of alert yet? I’m getting tired.

Today I realized that I have never listened to a Presidential radio address. I don’t even know when they are, or what station they’re on, or what kind of batteries I need to buy to make my radio work again. I guess they’re not very exciting. Sorry, W. Or can I call you 43?

February 12, 2002

I took two pictures for The Tech that appeared in today’s edition. The captions I submitted were amusing, correct, and one even made tasteful use of the word “egregious.” All of the above characteristics were carefully altered by the editors. A world-renowned institution of higher learning? You decide.

February 11, 2002

The falling cost of information storage and the rapidly-increasing bandwidth at all ends of the Internet has led, unbelievably, to a proportional increase in data transferred per user… but not to a significant increase in information! Within only a few years, “acceptable” web sites have grown from kilobytes to megabytes, but for no particular reason. And although I certainly see why it has its place, lately I’ve been getting a lot of HTML e-mail in which the message is sent once in plaintext and once again in HTML, the latter adding important information such as randomly- generated numbers and font tags for every word, which certainly seems lacking to anyone who reads the plaintext version aloud. Now, I challenge you to read the HTML version aloud.

February 7, 2002

This dude knows where it’s at: the IBM Model M keyboard. Click, click. The best keyboard in the world, which I use (of course) is the M13 (IBM P/N 13H6705). It’s built like a tank (just like the original Model M’s) but it is “Stealth Black” and sports a TrackPoint pointing device.

Incidentally, the TrackPoint was invented by my MAS.964H professor, Ted Selker.

January 28, 2002

Desperately seeking… a Hitachi FA4111 RGB (3-channel) CRT drive amplifier IC. Very hard to find outside of Japan. Yikes.