January 13, 2002

I am not Scott Paul Johnston. He is Scottish, and I am not. He is also engaged, and I am not. And according to his electronic dossier, he is precisely 3 months younger than yours truly.

This may be an appropriate time to mention that I am also not a Saddle Bronc Rodeo champion.

Furthermore, I am not the Scott Johnston who animated the ballroom sequence of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Other movies I have not animated include: Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Iron Giant.

You may be inclined to ask, however, Scott Johnston: “Man or Machine?

January 12, 2002

I wonder what took so long: six anonymous families today filed a lawsuit against two airlines and their security contractors. The premise is that “they failed to adequately protect passengers from the hijackers.” What did they expect, passenger-side airbags? Even three-point safety belts have failed to notably increase the survival rate in 600 MPH collisions.

December 23, 2001

Added an internal constant-current NiMH battery charger to my Handspring Visor PDA. And a blue LED. Powered by 5 volts on the VDOCK cradle pin, thus compatible with Handspring specs.

December 20, 2001

Want to profit from terrorism? Check out these US trademark applications!

  • Trademark: SEPTEMBER 11, 2001
    Coverage: historical books, fictional books, TV news, entertainment
    Applicant: Moti Shniberg [individual] (Rosh Ha’ayin, State of Israel)
  • Trademark: SEPTEMBER 11
    Coverage: “clothing, namely, golf shirts, … T shirts…”
    Applicant: Paul Gross [corporation] (San Diego, CA)
  • Trademark: LET FREEDOM SING
    Coverage: Patriotic marketing of goods and services; Slogan for Sept. 11 song
    Applicant: Natalie Holt Morgan [individual] (Wilmington, DE)
    Coverage: Religious materials, services; Commemorative T-shirts, golf shirts
    Applicant: Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc. (Orlando, FL)

Omitted from above list are trademarks intended to protect the identities of legitimate charitable operations.

December 16, 2001

“Updated” the page design. You can now view the Flash-animated version of this site! Boy, am I getting high-tech.