The BBQ Flosser(!?)

A couple years ago, a bunch of scare-mongering news articles warned the public about the dangers of ingesting errant steel bristles left behind by low-quality barbecue cleaning brushes. (I’ll save you the click: eating bristles is bad for you.)

I’m not the sort of person who is easily scare-mongered, but I’ll admit I bought a commercially-available wood scraper anyway. The build quality was disappointing: it was made of narrow glued-up pieces of hardwood that quickly fell apart at the (non-waterproof?) glue lines. Also, it never developed the grooves that were supposed to clean the grill grates.

The BBQ Flosser

Introducing the BBQ Flosser, a one-night build (in red oak) on my Shaper Origin. With a little help from the bandsaw, to get that tapered blade.

The BBQ Flosser

If I do another one, I’ll streamline the handle quite a bit–canoe paddles have this down right. But I got the grooves just right for optimum scraping (flossing?) on my barbecue.

The BBQ Flosser

  • Adrian

    Adrian () [Reply]

    I didn’t realize you’d actually gotten a Shaper Origin. Dream tool for me!

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