a new photo site

I am pleased to announce the “soft launch” of my new photo gallery site: http://photos.scottosphere.org/.

Some exciting work is underway behind the scenes and I will be announcing the addition of more galleries as they become available. There are many improvements over my old, homebrew system: more speed, a better interface, and higher resolution top the list. Many of my old photo galleries (2002–2009) will be re-appearing under this new site, enhanced with searchable captions and keywords and, in many cases, improved quality.

Thanks for your earlier suggestions on how to do this. As always, I welcome your feedback.

  • Freddie

    Freddie () [Reply]

    Yay!  The new site is awesome!!  I am so excited to see all the old photos once they are up. Nice work Scott!

  • Adrian

    I like the Hong Kong and China photos, particularly the factory floor shots and the taxi console.

  • KERaven, MD

    KERaven, MD () [Reply]

    2002-2009….does this include my wedding?

  • Scott

    Scott () [Reply]


    Kristy: possibly. I was planning to start with new material (the 2007-2010 backlog) and stuff that was previously online.  I might be sending some older material out for scanning though… we’ll see!

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