wisdom watch: april 2009

negative Tax Day Tea Party at Long Wharf (April 15). Stumbled upon this event by accident. Actual demonstrators were largely outnumbered by cameras and weirdos. One woman was holding a sign that read “Who is John Galt?”
negative Pecha Kucha Boston 9. Disrespectful audience + only one good presentation = disappointment.
neutral Swapfest at MIT (April 19). A sure sign of spring. But for once there was nothing I wanted to buy!
positive The 113th Boston Marathon (April 20). Watched for the first time. An inspiring display of athleticism. Gave me irrational thoughts about wanting to run one someday.
neutral Ratatat live at the House of Blues (April 20). Good music and trippy visuals, but the band’s electronic instruments are configured to pretty much play themselves. End result: just like the records, but louder.
positive Border Cafe. Always fills me up; never lets me down.
positive Unaffiliated Reading Series at Outpost 186. I never go to poetry readings, but this was a pretty fun Saturday afternoon diversion.
positive Mozart’s Requiem at Sanders Theatre (April 25). Erin Rhode may have carried the alto section, but the orchestra and soloists blew me away. Nice seats, too. (Thanks Rhode!)
positive Sailing on Boston Harbor. So much fun that I paid money so I can do it all summer.
positive Volvo Ocean Race. Watched the finish of the Rio-to-Boston leg of this insanely hardcore sport. The winning team survived the final few days without a reliable supply of drinking water. Another finisher sailed for a week with a broken rib. The boats are pretty too—check it out.
positive Summer weather. Keep it coming.
negative Swine flu. Imagine what it’s like when you have a cough, a sore throat, laryngitis, and possibly a slight fever, and suddenly they start talking about this in the newspaper?
neutral A newly-minted software plug-in for the Scottosphere permits quick authoring of these posts using the heretofore unknown Wisdom Watch Markup Language (WWML).
  • KERaven

    1. I have some semi-serious plans to run the marathon….
    2. Still kind of let down on the lack of invite to the Border.
    3. When can I come sailing?  Sounds like great fun.
    4. I think we’re back to spring for a while, although I have the sunburn to prove the last couple days were not imagined.

  • Scott

    Scott () [Reply]

    1. I want to hear more about this. Also, I should run more, but my swine flu is seriously setting back my fitness regimen.
    2. Sorry! The whole thing came together at about 4 PM Friday. I’ll do better next time.
    3. I should have my certification by the end of May.
    4. Whatever. I’m wearing shorts from now until October!

  • MRhé

    10 points for making the Wisdom Watch a regular feature. I’ve been soiling on that front myself.

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