↓The McDonald’s down the street will be bulldozed by the Red Sox in April. Ordinarily the loss of a fast food franchise would not trouble me, but the team’s vague plan is to do some development “when the economy improves.” As a post on ArchBoston puts it, what the Red Sox mean is “this will be a parking lot for years.” Thanks for improving the neighborhood, guys.
−Two headlines on the nytimes.com page yesterday: “Obama Vows, ‘We Will Rebuild,’ and ‘Recover,’” and “Michelle Obama Goes Sleeveless, Again.” Granted, the latter was a weblog entry, not a real article, but the message is the same: you’ve come a long way, ladies!
↓Yesterday’s gas tax protest outside the State House. The cost of fixing the roads must be borne by the people who drive on them. I don’t care how Republican you are—there’s no other money in the budget, so get over it already.
−Workers at a UCSD building are [blaming electromagnetic fields from elevator motors](http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/02/24/campus-building-blamed-for- cancer-cluster/) for a small spike in breast cancer cases among the building’s occupants. I laughed when I read the story, because it is common knowledge that EMF (and non-ionizing radiation in general) have no mutagenic effect on cells. But, having just read Steven Johnson’s book The Ghost Map , I quickly reconsidered my position. The response to London’s infamous 1854 cholera outbreak was tremendously hampered by ignorance among the scientific set, who still believed (despite incredible data) that cholera was spread by smell. It would be decades before everyone agreed that bacteria might be the culprit.
↓The AMA is upset about the prominent use of cigarettes in a movie. Does anyone really think that smoking still looks awesome?
↑When he’s not busy reading hard-hitting literature, Mrhé is taking time to “blog” about some pretty heavy stuff.
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