Despite my well-documented and sometimes poignant dislike of weblogs, weblogging, the blogosphere, and especially the word “blog,” I have decided to venture into the land of “Web 2.0” with this… well, whatever you want to call it. I’ll call it the Scottosphere.

I hope that this medium will allow me to post more frequently than the old hand-edited web page, and that the “comments” feature will foster discussion when the subject warrants it. Entries will have permanent links. In addition, a feed is available for syndication.

I also took this opportunity to school myself on the surprising number of changes to Web standards that have been made since the release of my favorite browser, Netscape 4.0. This site strives to comply with the latest good practice for XHTML and CSS while preserving the minimalist look of the original web-page-o’-fun. Syndication is available as an Atom 1.0 feed, since that is the format endorsed by the IETF. RSS is also available on request.