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positive Hon­ey­moon in the Mal­dives. Even more amaz­ing than I could have imag­ined.
positive Win­ter camp­ing at Mount Moosi­lauke with Feld­meier, Xmal, Zoz, and my amaz­ing wife. A real shock to the sys­tem after 8 days of float­ing in a warm ocean, but still a lot of fun.
neutral Vacan­cies. Is any­one look­ing for a EE job?
positive Wis­dom Watch returns to the Scot­tos­phere after a 3-year hia­tus. (But who still remem­bers cir­ca-1997 Newsweek?)


  1. Freddie March 14, 2013

    Ahem, there was one more per­son in that win­ter camp­ing group my Love… where are my props?!

    Also, I wish your lit­tle arrow in front of hon­ey­moon could have a lit­tle explod­ing fire­work com­ing out of the top, because that is how I feel about it!


    – Your Wife!

  2. Freddie March 14, 2013

    Approve!! Thanks Love!

    – still Your Wife!

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