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Thumbs Down Tax Day Tea Par­ty at Long Wharf (April 15). Stum­bled upon this event by acci­dent. Actu­al demon­stra­tors were large­ly out­num­bered by cam­eras and weirdos. One woman was hold­ing a sign that read “Who is John Galt?”
Thumbs Down Pecha Kucha Boston 9. Dis­re­spect­ful audi­ence + only one good pre­sen­ta­tion = dis­ap­point­ment.
Indifferent Swapfest at MIT (April 19). A sure sign of spring. But for once there was noth­ing I want­ed to buy!
Thumbs Up The 113th Boston Marathon (April 20). Watched for the first time. An inspir­ing dis­play of ath­leti­cism. Gave me irra­tional thoughts about want­i­ng to run one some­day.
Indifferent Ratatat live at the House of Blues (April 20). Good music and trip­py visu­als, but the band’s elec­tron­ic instru­ments are con­fig­ured to pret­ty much play them­selves. End result: just like the records, but loud­er.
Thumbs Up Bor­der Cafe. Always fills me up; nev­er lets me down.
Thumbs Up Unaf­fil­i­at­ed Read­ing Series at Out­post 186. I nev­er go to poet­ry read­ings, but this was a pret­ty fun Sat­ur­day after­noon diver­sion.
Thumbs Up Mozart’s Requiem at Sanders The­atre (April 25). Erin Rhode may have car­ried the alto sec­tion, but the orches­tra and soloists blew me away. Nice seats, too. (Thanks Rhode!)
Thumbs Up Sail­ing on Boston Har­bor. So much fun that I paid mon­ey so I can do it all sum­mer.
Thumbs Up Vol­vo Ocean Race. Watched the fin­ish of the Rio-to-Boston leg of this insane­ly hard­core sport. The win­ning team sur­vived the final few days with­out a reli­able sup­ply of drink­ing water. Anoth­er fin­ish­er sailed for a week with a bro­ken rib. The boats are pret­ty too—check it out.
Thumbs Up Sum­mer weath­er. Keep it com­ing.
Thumbs Down Swine flu. Imag­ine what it’s like when you have a cough, a sore throat, laryn­gi­tis, and pos­si­bly a slight fever, and sud­den­ly they start talk­ing about this in the news­pa­per?
Indifferent A new­ly-mint­ed soft­ware plug-in for the Scot­tos­phere per­mits quick author­ing of these posts using the hereto­fore unknown Wis­dom Watch Markup Lan­guage (WWML).


  1. KERaven April 29, 2009

    1. I have some semi-seri­ous plans to run the marathon….
    2. Still kind of let down on the lack of invite to the Bor­der.
    3. When can I come sail­ing?  Sounds like great fun.
    4. I think we’re back to spring for a while, although I have the sun­burn to prove the last cou­ple days were not imag­ined.

  2. Scott April 29, 2009

    1. I want to hear more about this. Also, I should run more, but my swine flu is seri­ous­ly set­ting back my fit­ness reg­i­men.
    2. Sor­ry! The whole thing came togeth­er at about 4 PM Fri­day. I’ll do bet­ter next time.
    3. I should have my cer­ti­fi­ca­tion by the end of May.
    4. What­ev­er. I’m wear­ing shorts from now until Octo­ber!

  3. MRhé April 30, 2009

    10 points for mak­ing the Wis­dom Watch a reg­u­lar fea­ture. I’ve been soil­ing on that front myself.

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