positive All­ston Christ­mas comes again. We moved our year-old pile of “things we want to sell some­day” out to the curb. First item was gone in 5 min­utes. Last item in 15 min­utes. Now that’s effi­cient!
neutral CVS stops sell­ing tobac­co to focus on health. I’m pret­ty sure they’re still sell­ing Ore­os and gal­lon jugs of Ari­zona Iced Tea in the dia­betes meal sup­ply aisle. Inter­est­ing posi­tion.

September 3, 2014 September 3, 2014 ww by Scott No Comments

positive Bought a house with room for the future! Work­space! A yard! In the city, by the riv­er, acces­si­ble by bike!
positive Trav­eled to Ams­ter­dam to spend some time with our love­ly friends and their new baby.
positive Trav­eled to Fin­land for a fun-filled week topped off by the amaz­ing wed­ding of two dear friends.
positive Sold our con­do to a very nice fel­low who, in the amaz­ing way of things, we met in Fin­land.
positive Cel­e­brat­ed my one-year anniver­sary of mar­riage to a won­der­ful gal. Every­one was wrong: the first year is easy!
positive Made the dif­fi­cult deci­sion to quit my job of 5 years to pur­sue anoth­er oppor­tu­ni­ty in an excit­ing field: 3D print­ing.
positive Recon­nect­ed with old friends at the Open Source Hard­ware Sum­mit.
positive Trav­eled to Min­neapo­lis to reunite with fam­i­ly for my cousin’s wed­ding.
positive Things are look­ing up, I sup­pose!

September 23, 2013 September 23, 2013 ww by Scott 1 Comment

positive Hon­ey­moon in the Mal­dives. Even more amaz­ing than I could have imag­ined.
positive Win­ter camp­ing at Mount Moosi­lauke with Feld­meier, Xmal, Zoz, and my amaz­ing wife. A real shock to the sys­tem after 8 days of float­ing in a warm ocean, but still a lot of fun.
neutral Vacan­cies. Is any­one look­ing for a EE job?
positive Wis­dom Watch returns to the Scot­tos­phere after a 3-year hia­tus. (But who still remem­bers cir­ca-1997 Newsweek?)

March 10, 2013 March 14, 2013 ww by Scott 2 Comments

Thumbs Up MIT releas­es col­lege admis­sions results on Pi Day.
Indifferent Today’s appli­cants expect instant online noti­fi­ca­tion of their sta­tus. Remem­ber wait­ing to see whether it was a big enve­lope or a lit­tle enve­lope?
Thumbs Down The Inter­net.

March 18, 2010 March 18, 2010 ww by Scott 2 Comments

Thumbs Up New Bal­ance spon­sors increased snow-removal efforts along the Charles Riv­er run­ning paths. The results look very good! For this ges­ture they deserve to have their logo embla­zoned on the plow.
Indifferent The Garmin FR60 watch: the speed and heart-rate infor­ma­tion are nice (and final­ly cal­i­brat­ed), but now the lap but­ton doesn’t work in sub-freez­ing tem­per­a­tures?
Thumbs Up Salomon Gore-Tex trail-run­ning shoes: supe­ri­or trac­tion on snow and ice and a water­proof toe box make win­ter run­ning notice­ably more pleas­ant.
Thumbs Up Time ATAC cli­p­less MTB ped­als: the first cli­p­less ped­al sys­tem I have tried that does not jam with snow. Since my snow boots do not reli­ably fit into my usu­al toe clips, I am using these (along with my trusty Lake win­ter cycling shoes) on the fix­ie for the rest of the sea­son.
Thumbs Up Ice cream: Still tasty, and the best part is, it doesn’t melt.

January 9, 2010 January 9, 2010 ww by Scott 1 Comment

Thumbs Up Chi­nese food in Chi­na. Even with such fail­ures as chick­en feet and fish heads float­ing in the soup, it’s con­sid­er­ably tasti­er over there.
Thumbs Up Hong Kong’s giant dis­plays of Christ­mas lights. Campy but spir­it­ed!
Thumbs Up Thanks­giv­ing. Excel­lent.
Thumbs Down Media cov­er­age of Tiger Woods. Seri­ous­ly, who cares?
Indifferent Christ­mas: com­ing too soon?
Indifferent Blog­ging. Who has time?

December 6, 2009 December 6, 2009 ww by Scott No Comments

Thumbs Up Har­poon Five Mil­er (June 6). Final­ly, a race for a cause I can support—two free pints of beer!
Thumbs Up The 100th Anniver­sary of the MIT Radio Soci­ety (June 7). I was once the pres­i­dent of this orga­ni­za­tion. A very unusu­al crowd! Seat­ed to my right was Gor­don from the class of 1948, who was draft­ed in his sopho­more year and sent to Aus­tria to per­form SIGINT on Nazi com­mu­ni­ca­tions. On my left, Clay­ton, a Har­vard grad stu­dent study­ing the role of the Inter­state High­way Sys­tem on the spread of con­ser­v­a­tivism in rur­al Amer­i­can neigh­bor­hoods. That’s just the tip of the ice­berg.
Thumbs Up The Jim­my Fund Scoop­er Bowl (June 10). I’m get­ting my PhD in all-you-can-eat ice cream stud­ies.
Thumbs Up Buzz Aldrin and the Boston Pops (June 11). The leg­endary fight­er pilot, orbital mechan­ics expert, astro­naut, and moon­walk­er, look­ing spright­ly and ath­let­ic at 79 years, nar­rat­ed a Pops per­for­mance of Holst’s The Plan­ets syn­chro­nized to a stun­ning large-screen dis­play of sci­en­tif­ic imagery from out­er space. An unfor­get­table, stag­ger­ing­ly cool expe­ri­ence. “One small step for man?” This guy was stand­ing right there! On the fuck­ing moon! 239,000 miles away! The Pops real­ly ran with the motif, also play­ing Also Sprach Zarathus­tra, themes from Close Encoun­ters of the Third Kind, Star Trek and Star Wars, and a hilar­i­ous Moon Med­ley Sing-Along (fea­tur­ing every­thing from “Fly Me to the Moon” to “Moon­dance” and “Bad Moon Ris­ing”).
Thumbs Up Tak­ing pic­tures while my bicy­cle gets built.
Thumbs Up Sail­ing in Boston Har­bor. Give me a few more weeks and I’ll stop it with the acci­den­tal jibes.
Thumbs Down Jel­ly­fish. On a recent out­ing the har­bor was full of these crit­ters, includ­ing a small swarm that appeared to be chas­ing a sty­ro­foam cof­fee cup. (Mom­my?)
Thumbs Up Chris Pias­cik at the Cho­rus Gallery (June 13). An art gallery attached to an urban bike shop? You bet. Too bad this place has a seri­ous hip­ster infes­ta­tion.
Thumbs Down Nar­ra­gansett Beer. The new PBR. This is not a good devel­op­ment.
Indifferent Dark­rooms. Years from now, in a time when chil­dren will ask their par­ents what film is, I will appeal to retro artiste sen­si­bil­i­ties by unveil­ing a cologne scent­ed like ammo­ni­um thio­sul­phate. Mmm, dark­room!
Thumbs Up The 6th Annu­al Print­ing Arts Fair (June 21). Fan­tas­tic live demon­stra­tions of all types of print­ing. For a small fee one could type­set cus­tom sta­tionery on the Lino­type and walk home with paper (and sou­venir met­al slug) just 20 min­utes lat­er. A group of artists print­ed large-for­mat wood­cuts with a steam­roller in the park­ing lot. Paper­mak­ing and book­bind­ing crafts were on dis­play. Dozens of art-house print­ers from around New Eng­land were hawk­ing their wares. Wet ink looks deli­cious. Type is a beau­ti­ful thing.

June 21, 2009 June 21, 2009 ww by Scott 4 Comments

Thumbs Down Tax Day Tea Par­ty at Long Wharf (April 15). Stum­bled upon this event by acci­dent. Actu­al demon­stra­tors were large­ly out­num­bered by cam­eras and weirdos. One woman was hold­ing a sign that read “Who is John Galt?”
Thumbs Down Pecha Kucha Boston 9. Dis­re­spect­ful audi­ence + only one good pre­sen­ta­tion = dis­ap­point­ment.
Indifferent Swapfest at MIT (April 19). A sure sign of spring. But for once there was noth­ing I want­ed to buy!
Thumbs Up The 113th Boston Marathon (April 20). Watched for the first time. An inspir­ing dis­play of ath­leti­cism. Gave me irra­tional thoughts about want­i­ng to run one some­day.
Indifferent Ratatat live at the House of Blues (April 20). Good music and trip­py visu­als, but the band’s elec­tron­ic instru­ments are con­fig­ured to pret­ty much play them­selves. End result: just like the records, but loud­er.
Thumbs Up Bor­der Cafe. Always fills me up; nev­er lets me down.
Thumbs Up Unaf­fil­i­at­ed Read­ing Series at Out­post 186. I nev­er go to poet­ry read­ings, but this was a pret­ty fun Sat­ur­day after­noon diver­sion.
Thumbs Up Mozart’s Requiem at Sanders The­atre (April 25). Erin Rhode may have car­ried the alto sec­tion, but the orches­tra and soloists blew me away. Nice seats, too. (Thanks Rhode!)
Thumbs Up Sail­ing on Boston Har­bor. So much fun that I paid mon­ey so I can do it all sum­mer.
Thumbs Up Vol­vo Ocean Race. Watched the fin­ish of the Rio-to-Boston leg of this insane­ly hard­core sport. The win­ning team sur­vived the final few days with­out a reli­able sup­ply of drink­ing water. Anoth­er fin­ish­er sailed for a week with a bro­ken rib. The boats are pret­ty too—check it out.
Thumbs Up Sum­mer weath­er. Keep it com­ing.
Thumbs Down Swine flu. Imag­ine what it’s like when you have a cough, a sore throat, laryn­gi­tis, and pos­si­bly a slight fever, and sud­den­ly they start talk­ing about this in the news­pa­per?
Indifferent A new­ly-mint­ed soft­ware plug-in for the Scot­tos­phere per­mits quick author­ing of these posts using the hereto­fore unknown Wis­dom Watch Markup Lan­guage (WWML).

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