This arti­cle about fit­ness in Cairo amused me. When I vis­it­ed Egypt pre-rev­o­lu­tion in 2008, I man­aged some runs along the Nile, which seemed like a per­fect­ly obvi­ous thing to do. I run every­where I trav­el. But it’s true that every­one I passed stared at me as if per­haps I had just shoplift­ed.

There are oth­er major cities where out­door fit­ness pur­suits still seem rel­a­tive­ly uncom­mon, like Paris. But the scene there is chang­ing too. I’m just sur­prised it has tak­en this long.

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New gov­ern­ment-issue “self­ies” include artis­tic pointil­lism fil­ter, per­fect for shar­ing.

Passport kiosk

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I flew on Vir­gin Amer­i­ca for the first time last week. (Con­clu­sion: not bad.) I hon­est­ly don’t under­stand this mes­sage, but I appre­ci­ate the thought that goes into the lit­tle details.

Was it as refreshing for you as it was for me?

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I think I spend more time in for­eign hotels than in US hotels. Because when­ev­er I walk into an Amer­i­can hotel room I find it com­plete­ly star­tling that when I open the door, all the lights are ablaze and the air con­di­tion­er is run­ning at full tilt.

Real­ly? Do we have to be this stu­pid? In 2013?

I found an old New York Times arti­cle which sug­gests a vari­ety of rea­sons for the lack of mas­ter switch­es (or water-sav­ing fea­tures) in US hotel rooms, none of which are valid. As far as I can tell, noth­ing has changed since then.

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Well, as far as urban Boston was con­cerned: so much for the hur­ri­cane. It sure was fun to head out to the beach and watch the kitesurfers though.

I’m sit­ting at a fac­to­ry in Chi­na, wait­ing for some boards to come off the pro­duc­tion line. Due to the defi­cien­cy of the elec­tric grid here, this region is hav­ing a pow­er-sav­ing day. Because they get only 24 hours of notice from the elec­tric author­i­ties, busi­ness has to pro­ceed nor­mal­ly. So air con­di­tion­ing has been cut back to a min­i­mum to allow the entire cam­pus to be pow­ered from diesel gen­er­a­tors. This place is not a sweatshop—but it sure feels like it in these hall­ways!

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And you thought this site was dead!

Sum­mer has been busy with Am’s wed­ding week in Maine and lots and lots of work. Final­ly, time for a week in France! When I return: some new pho­tos, and per­haps some more blog­ging.

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I returned last week from a real­ly great trip to Wales with old friends. More pho­tos are in the pipeline.
(This one was tak­en with the Mamiya RB67, a 90mm lens, and a mechan­i­cal self-timer.)

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portrait in dongguan

Need a bet­ter deal on used tires? Let me nego­ti­ate you a price. Blend­ing in with the locals, that’s my mot­to.

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