This article about fitness in Cairo amused me. When I visited Egypt pre-revolution in 2008, I managed some runs along the Nile, which seemed like a perfectly obvious thing to do. I run everywhere I travel. But it’s true that everyone I passed stared at me as if perhaps I had just shoplifted.

There are other major cities where outdoor fitness pursuits still seem relatively uncommon, like Paris. But the scene there is changing too. I’m just surprised it has taken this long.

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New government-issue “selfies” include artistic pointillism filter, perfect for sharing.

Passport kiosk

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I flew on Virgin America for the first time last week. (Conclusion: not bad.) I honestly don’t understand this message, but I appreciate the thought that goes into the little details.

Was it as refreshing for you as it was for me?

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I think I spend more time in foreign hotels than in US hotels. Because whenever I walk into an American hotel room I find it completely startling that when I open the door, all the lights are ablaze and the air conditioner is running at full tilt.

Really? Do we have to be this stupid? In 2013?

I found an old New York Times article which suggests a variety of reasons for the lack of master switches (or water-saving features) in US hotel rooms, none of which are valid. As far as I can tell, nothing has changed since then.

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Well, as far as urban Boston was concerned: so much for the hurricane. It sure was fun to head out to the beach and watch the kitesurfers though.

I’m sitting at a factory in China, waiting for some boards to come off the production line. Due to the deficiency of the electric grid here, this region is having a power-saving day. Because they get only 24 hours of notice from the electric authorities, business has to proceed normally. So air conditioning has been cut back to a minimum to allow the entire campus to be powered from diesel generators. This place is not a sweatshop—but it sure feels like it in these hallways!

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And you thought this site was dead!

Summer has been busy with Am’s wedding week in Maine and lots and lots of work. Finally, time for a week in France! When I return: some new photos, and perhaps some more blogging.

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I returned last week from a really great trip to Wales with old friends. More photos are in the pipeline.
(This one was taken with the Mamiya RB67, a 90mm lens, and a mechanical self-timer.)

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portrait in dongguan

Need a better deal on used tires? Let me negotiate you a price. Blending in with the locals, that’s my motto.

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