On Julius Shulman:

He doesn’t shoot digital and has no plans to start. He bought an exposure meter in 1936 and tossed it the same year because he didn’t want to lose the ability to read light himself. If you can’t interpret light and the way in which it plays with and defines its subjects, if you can’t understand the subtle and not-so-subtle rhythms of the sun, if you can’t recognize an architect’s intent the minute you walk into a room, no amount of money you spend on a camera will make you a photographer.

Source: Lens Master – Los Angeles Magazine

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There goes the last place in Boston to buy pro film.

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Trinity Church Organ, 2008

Another one of my go-to films has been discontinued. Neopan 400 was awesome.

I hope to build my home darkroom sometime in the next year. I really miss making prints from film.

July 20, 2013 July 20, 2013 photography by Scott 3 Comments

This book is now sold out, but I have pre-purchased a copy of the second printing.

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