French parking sign Why, hel­lo there! Is this thing on? Ah yes. So, some of you may have noticed that the Scot­tos­phere has been qui­et late­ly. Let me assure you it is only because the real world has been all too inter­est­ing! In the last month, I have:

  • …vis­it­ed DC for a week­end.
  • …moved out of my pad. (Please write if you don’t have my new address.)
  • …been tricked into attend­ing a sur­prise birth­day par­ty of epic pro­por­tions.
  • …vaca­tioned in Paris and Stras­bourg for a week.

And there is more com­ing up this month. Where do I begin to write?

First, I would like to post some pic­tures. And that is a sub­ject on which I am present­ly seek­ing advice. I have out­grown my old sys­tem of online gal­leries. Time to move every­thing over to some­thing that works bet­ter. I have con­sid­ered Picasa and Flickr, but they offer lit­tle con­trol over pre­sen­ta­tion. Also, the Picasa appli­ca­tion is annoy­ing. Pbase? Pix­el­post? What do peo­ple use these days? Please don’t say “Face­book.”

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Have a great Christ­mas, every­one!

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