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Despite my well-doc­u­ment­ed and some­times poignant dis­like of weblogs, weblog­ging, the blo­gos­phere, and espe­cial­ly the word “blog,” I have decid­ed to ven­ture into the land of “Web 2.0” with this… well, what­ev­er you want to call it. I’ll call it the Scot­tos­phere.

I hope that this medi­um will allow me to post more fre­quent­ly than the old hand-edit­ed web page, and that the “com­ments” fea­ture will fos­ter dis­cus­sion when the sub­ject war­rants it. Entries will have per­ma­nent links. In addi­tion, a feed is avail­able for syn­di­ca­tion.

I also took this oppor­tu­ni­ty to school myself on the sur­pris­ing num­ber of changes to Web stan­dards that have been made since the release of my favorite brows­er, Netscape 4.0. This site strives to com­ply with the lat­est good prac­tice for XHTML and CSS while pre­serv­ing the min­i­mal­ist look of the orig­i­nal web-page-o’-fun. Syn­di­ca­tion is avail­able as an Atom 1.0 feed, since that is the for­mat endorsed by the IETF. RSS is also avail­able on request.


  1. Quinn June 28, 2008

    Wel­come to the future!

  2. Foonyor June 29, 2008

    I nev­er thought I’d see the day! A momen­tous occa­sion.

  3. MRhé June 30, 2008

    Con­grats! Does this mean I don’t have to be your RSS feed any­more?

  4. KERaven June 30, 2008

    Rock on Scot­toway

  5. amanda June 30, 2008

    yay com­ments!

  6. errhode June 30, 2008

    I thought I saw a pig fly­ing this morn­ing…

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