Boston Globe photographer Erik Jacobs set up a photo booth at the last MIT Swapfest. I love the results!

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Vintage film cameras are the hot new accessory for twentysomethings in Tokyo. I’d like to think I’m just ahead of the trend here in the States.

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Richard Nicholson documents the last professional darkrooms in London. Darkrooms—like wood shops, machine shops, print shops, scientific laboratories, and painting studios—are magical places filled with the clutter and chaos left behind by creativity.

I enjoy looking at work spaces. Pictures of living spaces (particularly in architectural magazines) usually seem contrived and uninhabited. Work spaces are more honest. Ansel Adams wrote, “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” But in these pictures, there are three!

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Despite 7.5 years of searching, Team America still hasn’t found the world’s top criminal. A recent paper by some UCLA folks (“Finding Osama bin Laden: An Application of Biogeographic Theories and Satellite Imagery”) proposes a simple but clever GIS-based approach to mapping the probability of Bin Laden’s presence. The paper depends on a lot of assumptions but most of them seem reasonable based on what little information is known to the public. Just ten years ago the specialized data needed to solve these problems was exclusively available to the military, but thanks to commercial satellite imagery and the Internet, academia can now do a pretty credible job. I’m curious what US intelligence thinks of all this. (And, I wonder, will they knock on any of the three doors identified by the algorithm in Parachinar, Pakistan?)

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I hate posting links, but I haven’t written in a while and this is too beautiful not to pass along. For their 25th anniversary, 4th Estate Publishers commissioned a stop-motion film that will make any bibliophile smile. Check it out here.

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Channel your inner Pearly Soames here.

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