Merchants say Massachusetts blue laws are outdated

As nation­al retail­ers plan to kick off the hol­i­day shop­ping sea­son ear­li­er than ever with hours on Thanks­giv­ing Day, some Mass­a­chu­setts mer­chants are start­ing to ques­tion whether the state’s Colo­nial-era blue laws, which pro­hib­it Thanks­giv­ing open­ings, are becom­ing out­dat­ed. Mer­chants say Mass­a­chu­setts blue laws are out­dat­ed with nation­al retail­ers open­ing on Thanks­giv­ing,”

I think it’s great that we don’t enforce laws about danc­ing and sell­ing liquor on Sun­days. But for small busi­ness­es, it wouldn’t be fair to let pres­sure from big nation­al chain stores lead to employ­ees giv­ing up their hol­i­days. Let’s keep Thanks­giv­ing a shop­ping-free day in Mass­a­chu­setts.

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  1. shazam November 14, 2012

    I agree! One of the won­der­ful things about being in Ger­many this spring was the fact that on Sun­days the shops were closed. It lent a peace­ful­ness to the city, and my advi­sor, who lived in Ger­many for a year, said it was his favorite aspect of life there: enforced fam­i­ly time. It makes one con­tent­ed to think that all those who run and work in shops are hav­ing time off as well. We could learn a thing or two from that!

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