“Mar­ket research had shown that Mil­len­ni­als want­ed food to deliv­er an expe­ri­ence, not just ener­gy, and the com­pa­ny was search­ing for an inno­va­tion that their cus­tomer base would talk about with friends.”Sarah Yager, “Dori­tos Locos Tacos,” The Atlantic, July/August 2014

I hope I nev­er have to con­tend with the full Taco Bell “expe­ri­ence.”

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Great news! But they’d bet­ter hurry—I’m tired of eat­ing at Chipo­tle.

July 29, 2009 July 29, 2009 food by Scott 2 Comments

And the award for this month’s most inge­nious new food prod­uct goes to… Trop­i­cana Trop50. Spot­ted today at the gro­cery store. It’s orange juice, dilut­ed 1:1 with water (plus a few chem­i­cal addi­tives) and sold at a high­er price in a small­er container—get this—as a “light and healthy” alter­na­tive to actu­al OJ. Because, you know, oranges are a lead­ing cause of obe­si­ty and ill health.

March 19, 2009 March 19, 2009 food by Scott 7 Comments

A few fas­ci­nat­ing things I’ve learned from Dan Koeppel’s op-ed, “Yes, We Will Have No Bananas”:

  • Bananas trav­el thou­sands of miles, rather than hun­dreds, and spoil in weeks, rather than months, yet they cost half as much as apples.
  • Amer­i­cans eat as many bananas as apples and oranges com­bined.
  • Bananas became pop­u­lar in North Amer­i­ca only after aggres­sive mar­ket­ing.
  • Despite the exis­tence of more than 1,000 vari­eties, bananas in the US are all the same: the Cavendish.
  • The Cavendish is infe­ri­or in taste to the banana our great-grand­par­ents ate.
  • Reliance on a sin­gle vari­ety of banana will even­tu­al­ly result in anoth­er wide­spread crop destruc­tion due to dis­ease.

Bananas in Egypt were different—and grown local­ly along the Nile, no less. Now I feel guilty for call­ing them “weird bananas.”

Read­ers of food lit­er­a­ture are famil­iar with the dan­gers of mono­cul­ture. It’s a shame that the indus­tri­al-age tech­niques we devel­oped to make food cheap and acces­si­ble to every­one have also brought us infe­ri­or taste, reduced nutri­tion­al val­ue, and increased sus­cep­ti­bil­i­ty to dis­as­ter.

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