On Microsoft-bashing

I just spent a few days at the Embed­ded Lin­ux Con­fer­ence. I get that it’s prob­a­bly one of the largest com­mu­ni­ties of desk­top Lin­ux users assem­bled any­where, but I am sur­prised to see that Microsoft-bash­ing is still a thing.

The fact is–and I don’t know how they’re doing it–Microsoft is fir­ing on all cylin­ders these days. Win­dows 10 is actu­al­ly real­ly nice, to the point where it feels like a sub­tly col­or­ful, human-cen­tric breath of fresh air next to Mac OS X. They are increas­ing­ly embrac­ing open stan­dards, inter­op­er­abil­i­ty, and open source in sur­pris­ing ways, while Apple and Google move the oth­er direc­tion.

Mean­while, Lin­ux as a desk­top is still pret­ty ter­ri­ble in 2016 for all but con­sole-dri­ven pro­gram­mers. (I say this as a seri­ous user of the Lin­ux com­mand line.)

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April 6, 2016 April 6, 2016 computers by Scott [permanent link]