I am now try­ing to doc­u­ment the books I’ve read over the last four months.

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Added an inter­nal con­stant-cur­rent NiMH bat­tery charg­er to my Hand­spring Visor PDA. And a blue LED. Pow­ered by 5 volts on the VDOCK cra­dle pin, thus com­pat­i­ble with Hand­spring specs.

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Want to prof­it from ter­ror­ism? Check out these US trade­mark appli­ca­tions!

  • Trade­mark: SEPTEMBER 11, 2001
    Cov­er­age: his­tor­i­cal books, fic­tion­al books, TV news, enter­tain­ment
    Appli­cant: Moti Shniberg [indi­vid­ual] (Rosh Ha’ayin, State of Israel)
  • Trade­mark: SEPTEMBER 11
    Cov­er­age: “cloth­ing, name­ly, golf shirts, … T shirts…”
    Appli­cant: Paul Gross [cor­po­ra­tion] (San Diego, CA)
  • Trade­mark: LET FREEDOM SING
    Cov­er­age: Patri­ot­ic mar­ket­ing of goods and ser­vices; Slo­gan for Sept. 11 song
    Appli­cant: Natal­ie Holt Mor­gan [indi­vid­ual] (Wilm­ing­ton, DE)
    Cov­er­age: Reli­gious mate­ri­als, ser­vices; Com­mem­o­ra­tive T-shirts, golf shirts
    Appli­cant: Cam­pus Cru­sade for Christ, Inc. (Orlan­do, FL)

Omit­ted from above list are trade­marks intend­ed to pro­tect the iden­ti­ties of legit­i­mate char­i­ta­ble oper­a­tions.

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“Updat­ed” the page design. You can now view the Flash-ani­mat­ed ver­sion of this site! Boy, am I get­ting high-tech.

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