I am now trying to document the books I’ve read over the last four months.

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Added an internal constant-current NiMH battery charger to my Handspring Visor PDA. And a blue LED. Powered by 5 volts on the VDOCK cradle pin, thus compatible with Handspring specs.

December 23, 2001 December 23, 2001 archives by Scott 1 Comment

Want to profit from terrorism? Check out these US trademark applications!

  • Trademark: SEPTEMBER 11, 2001
    Coverage: historical books, fictional books, TV news, entertainment
    Applicant: Moti Shniberg [individual] (Rosh Ha’ayin, State of Israel)
  • Trademark: SEPTEMBER 11
    Coverage: “clothing, namely, golf shirts, … T shirts…”
    Applicant: Paul Gross [corporation] (San Diego, CA)
  • Trademark: LET FREEDOM SING
    Coverage: Patriotic marketing of goods and services; Slogan for Sept. 11 song
    Applicant: Natalie Holt Morgan [individual] (Wilmington, DE)
    Coverage: Religious materials, services; Commemorative T-shirts, golf shirts
    Applicant: Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc. (Orlando, FL)

Omitted from above list are trademarks intended to protect the identities of legitimate charitable operations.

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“Updated” the page design. You can now view the Flash-animated version of this site! Boy, am I getting high-tech.

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